Romance Novels: The Gaze

 A different love story

 It's rare when a villain and heroine aren't so clearly defined. Rarer still when as a    reader you're helpless against the sheer magnetism of such a flawed individual as    Samantha Reddick.

 Written in elegant prose, The Gaze is one of those long epics that manages to elicit  strong reactions taken from the entire human emotional spectrum.

 This is no brief love story. It's an epic drama that spans time and distance, and it will  forever leave an impression as you ride this maddeningly enchanting roller coaster  along with Samantha, her best friend Lewis, and an array of memorable characters.

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Published March 2012

Contemporary Romance / Drama

475 pages paperback

Adult Situations

Strong Language  NC 17

​USD $12.99

 "Rarely does a book grab me from the beginning and pull me seamlessly through the  whole story to leave me satisfied at the end but wanting more." 

 Award Winning Author John W. Huffman Above All

​ "A first rate romance with a cutting edge."

​ British Romance Author Emma Callin Knockout

 "A Five Star Work of Heart!"

 American Romance Author Jan Romes Married to Maggie